At congatec we put a great amount of effort into creating real industrial-grade Mini-ITX technology. Our goal is to simplify the use of mainstream IT technologies in industrial environments. That’s why we transformed the standard for consumer- and office-grade computer technology into a real industrial-grade form factor, that fits all sorts of different industrial markets such as kiosk and retail systems, gaming machines, digital signage installations, shopfloor and SCADA systems or HMIs for industrial machinery .
Not that the Mini-ITX standard needed a major specification revision. But it does make a huge difference on how your vendor designs, manufactures and delivers this type of industrial-grade form factorm factor in order to enable real thoroughbred industrial-grade quality. Oh…Stop. We did implement one mechanical add-on: We adopted the Thin specification for Mini-ITX which was launched by Intel in 2011 and defines the maximum height of the boards: just 20 mm. That makes real flat system designs possible.
What other factors make a difference? Well, all the onboard components such as stable ceramic capacitors or processors out of the embedded roadmaps are rugged for extended temperature ranges and they are long-term available. Plus, more layers make the boards EMI resistant and EMC compatible. So the actual physical design is in itself highly reliable .
But that’s not all. We further added our industrial grade driver support that also includes industrial-grade IoT connectivity options which are very much in demand. The designs are also available in tailor made versions that are built by our Embedded Design & Manufacturing Services – or EDMS for short. And the boards finally come with industry-leading documentation, top quality management and comprehensive supply chain services for OEMs i.e. Kanban and consignment stock.
All these industrial-grade characteristics transform the Mini-ITX form factor into a real industrial-grade technology. Or to put it in a nutshell: you get easy to use Mini-ITX products for professional use .
So visit our website and see our amazing range of real industrial-grade Mini ITX boards on our website which cover all the latest industrial-grade processor technologies including Intel Atom and Intel Core processors – as well as AMD embedded processors. Discuss your project with our specialists today – and order your sample for evaluation or field testing. So check them out.

congatec – we simplify the use of embedded technology

congatec’s Thin Mini-ITX Motherboards mit Intel Prozessortechnologie sind von durchweg hoher, industrietauglicher Qualität: Von der Auswahl der Komponenten und dem Board-Design für maximale Zuverlässigkeit, über die I/O- und IoT-Unterstützung, den Treiber-Suport und die Design-In-Services, bis hin zu den Fertigungslosen und der langfristigen Verfügbarkeit und vieles mehr…

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    Die congatec AG ist ein führender Anbieter von industriellen Computer-Modulen im Qseven, COM Express, XTX und ETX Formfaktor sowie für ODM-Services. Die Produkte werden z.B. in der Industrie-Automatisierung, der Medizintechnik, von Automobil-Zulieferern sowie in der Luftfahrt oder im Transportwesen eingesetzt. Wesentliches Kern-Know-How sind erweiterte BIOS- und Treiber-Unterstützung sowie umfangreiche Board Support Packages. Die Kunden werden ab der Design-In Phase durch umfassendes Product Lifecycle Management betreut. Die Fertigung erfolgt nach modernsten Standards.

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